Our complex of services for farmers consists also of selling of goods for breeding of farm animals and diminutive animals. For breeders we have complete scope for disinfection of cattle house, hog house and poultry house technologies and for stabling of animals and proper breeding.

Our complementary offer is following:

  • Farmstead equipment ( handles, shovels, forks, rods, buckets, pails …..)
  • Breeders goods ( leashes, muzzles, markers, brushes, feeders, pails, bowls …)
  • Protective stopgaps (bolte, vests, sloves, shirts, overalls, mantles, top-boots, socks, …)
  • Food for birds, dogs, cats, , special feed supplements for pets
  • Special goods for breeders of pigeons, hens, rabbits, ….
  • Chemist goods (dishwashing and washing powders, balms, cleaners, liquid soaps, champoons, fly-traps,….)

We can order - on customer´s request any goods which is not actually available in our warehouse.