Cattle houses must fulfil high-tech requests which we are able to sucessfully reassure. The equipment for the new cattle houses or reconstructions of existing byre to the state-of-the art free stabling is easy and free of problems, because of high level of cattle house, hog house or poultry house technology. These are designed for minimal need of maintenance and for minimal personnel demand. Suitable supplement can be automatic-manure removal to the manure treatment. Continuously increasing requests for non-outage operation during the winter season we assure with heated cabels

Thanks to the state-of-the art feeding automatic equipment and automatic water feeders is necessary only minimal presence of personnel in hog-houses. Stabling of sows is safe and comfortable. Theirs good health is supported with heated lairs, by heating of complete hog houses, including ventilation.

We assure also cattlle or sheep walks on optional area withthe electrical fence.