Company SEPROM based in Kyselovice is dynamically developed company founded in 1996. Original business was service of draw milk equipments DZ-100, ZD2-020, ZD2-030 and milk cooling equipment. Following of increasing customer´s requests were our activities extended to assembling of cooling equipment from companies FARMTEC, a.s. Jistebnice – from this company we obtained exclusivity, and ALFA LAVAL, MANUS and others. The production range of our company were broaden to design, and engineering of milking machines, byre technologies, automatic feeding technologies and stabling of farm animals. However we are not only focused on breeding technology of cattle, but also for hogs and poultry.
The important role has also acceptable price level.

Our main goal is to give maximal satisfaction and to fulfil all wishes and needs of our customers. The advantage of SEPROM company is that our we provide not only the simple installation but also NON STOP (24 hours) guarantee/post guarantee service for our customers. Using suitable business strategy we try to meet all customers requiremets and find mutual satisfaction. I wish You a big success in the name of the SEPROM team of employes and I will be happy if SEPROM company can collaborate with You.

Faithfully Yours
Milan Topič, owner